Khaki Lace

by - 7/23/2015

Last week I checked my blog statistics and I was really surprised! In a good way, of course. I had no clue that my blog has so many readers abroad! So, from now on, I decided to write my posts in English. Hope you'll understand everything! (It can be difficult because sometimes even I can't understand myself, but oh well...)
So, about the post. Yesterday I came back home from my almost 5 days vacation in Vilnius. It's so hard to leave your closest friends after these amazing five days but all things come to the end. I just hope that this 'reunion' won't be the last this summer! 
I've got so many wonderful pictures from my trip and I will show you guys everything very soon! Bye, XO.

I'm wearing: blouse reserved, shorts h&m, watch guess, sunglasses bought from local market

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