Welcome to AisteSaint lifestyle diary. My name is Aistė and I am 22 years old Public Relations student from Vilnius, Lithuania. This blog is about my everyday life as broke fashionista.

I launched my blog on August, 2011. There were many breaks and writter's blocks during all these years. But after that, I have a different idea about my blog's content and main message to my readers.

Nowadays we live in social networks, where we lost our real identities, true ourselves. Instagram culture makes us compare with each other and be unsatisfied with our lives, because your coffee doesn't look so instagram-ready or tasty as influencers' that you are following. Your lips are too thin, your belly isn't flat and your make up is not on point. You're dying to have all these trendy clothes you see wearing celebs and instagrammers but you know that you can't afford it and it makes you feel even worse. Sadly, many of us still don't understand that most things you see on social media is not real.

I am struggling with all these thoughts everyday and I know that I'm not the only one. So I decided to dedicate my blog to all my soulmates around the world and show my way of dealing these issues with style. There is no need to have a lot of money or be popular on social media to feel good, confident and stylish. Be your own influencer! Everyone can look amazing on a budget, you just need to know few secrets. And I am ready to spill all of them on my blog.

xoxo, A