Irresistible Me

by - 4/02/2016

No, it's not a statement about me. These daring words are name of a brand, based in the Fashion District in New York and they're currently working with a number of very creative and talented YouTube gurus and bloggers including me! Irresistible Me - a growing brand of 100% natural Remy clip-in hair extensions, hair accessories and hair tools.
So, I was offered to try one of Irresistible Me products and write a honest review. It was so hard to pick one but my choice was a professional curling wand. First what I'm going to do is to paste you brand's description about this curling iron and after that you can read my opinion about product since I already tested it.
"The Ruby curling iron is an innovative rotating barrel with auto recovery function that gives you perfect curls every time. The barrel is ceramic, fused with tourmaline to easily create silky, smooth curls. The diamond coating enhances its durability and heat transfer, unlike conventional ceramic irons. The tourmaline gemstone is a natural source of negative ions and far-infrared heat, which provides faster styling. Negative ions eliminate frizz and lock in moisture by closing the cuticle to create smooth, shiny hair. The temperature remains constant curl after curl, allowing you to work quickly, while attaining consistent results." Sounds great, right?
Starting from the beginning. I'm that type of person for whom no matter what it is, my breakfast, my notebook, outfit or a poster in the bus stop, it is very important the aesthetical look. So when my professional curling wand arrived, I was sooo excited when I saw the box! I admired it for 10 minutes maybe and only after that I opened my parcel. 
Very soon my happiness was taken away because I saw the socket's plug. The original one didn't fit in any socket at my home, so I had to ask my dad's help to change the plug. It's a shame I can't show how looked the original plug because in the picture you see a new one. I don't know about situation in other European countries but here in Lithuania, you rarely find that type of socket where you can use original curling iron's plug. It needs to be changed and also it requires an additional expense.
Despite that, after few days I could use my new gadget successfully. You see, also, I'm that type of person who doesn't read instructions unless something is broken. It took me awhile to understand how that thing is supposed to work. Actually, it's not that difficult when you get it (or just save yourself some time and read the instructions first).
Many of you know that I study journalism so I know how publicity works. They can write anything because the aim is to sell. That's why I'm always so sceptical when it comes to descriptions of products. This curling iron wasn't an exception and I didn't have any expectations. Now I will tell you what I understand after using this curling wand.
At first, I was afraid to use it because I saw a video where young girl taught how to use something similar like this curling iron and she lost her hair. But after my inner struggle I found out that there is nothing to be afraid. Actually, it's soooo funny. All you have to do, is to pick one hank of your hair, press the hank's tips and just push buttons! If you want to curl your hair in the left, you push L button, if you want to curl your hair in the right - R button. It rotates automatically. It's perfect! I spent maybe 5 minutes to curl my hair.
Before this curling wand I styled my hair with flat iron. Curls with flat iron always get so messy and dry if I don't apply anything before curling. With this curling iron my curls are much more smooth and glossy. It's hard to believe how I lived without this "I'll do everything for you, darling" curling iron. 

It's 2:25 am and you know what? After all day I still have my curls and I didn't even use a hairspray to protect them! I want to say thanks to Irresistible Me for this opportunity to try an amazing product. Glad to know that their words match their quality.

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  1. Ciao =) Your blog is always more and more beautiful. CONGRATS!
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  2. Hope you are doing good. It was just a pleasure reading your post . All the pictures are amazing. Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing.
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  3. Thanks for your helpful review!
    Many thanks for your kind comment on my blog. Do you want to follow each other?
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  4. Your hair looks truly irresistible <3

  5. your hair looks great, I love how you photographed this!