Spring Already?

by - 3/12/2016

Congratulations! Spring is here! Well, at least in the calendar. I don't feel any spring's spirit at all because here in Lithuania the weather is sooo cold and everyone is sick around me. It seems like winter don't want to get out. 
So, these past few weeks were really really tough for me. If I complained 4 months ago that my studies is literally knocking me down...well, now I can say, that was a warm hug compared to what is happening now. So please, don't be mad at me because I am really busy at this moment but I have a good news! I got a collaboration offer from one brand and I will present it to you guys very soon! So keep reading and take care!

Leather Jacket//Mohito
Jeans//VS Miss
Backpack//from bazaar

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  1. Nice review. Very informative. Looking forward for more good post post from your side. Best of luck.
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