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by - 6/10/2016

Finally! It's official! It's summer! Well, despite my white skin and bad lithuanian weather, I feel this amazing season in my heart. No more studies, no more exams...It's over. Now I can relax and enjoy my holidays. I have so many plans this summer and I hope that I'll be able to realize them all. 
But now, let's talk about pretty little things. While I'm writting this post, I drink coffee and try sweets from Hawaii! It came in a super cute package with handmade accessories by Kittylitterhawaii. Jessica, the owner of this brand, is sweet like Hawaiian candies and has a really golden hands, because the accessories she's making are incredible! "Handmade items are getting more and more diluted being replaced by factory made goods. There's so much story and character behind something handmade that it makes the piece so much more beautiful" - said Jessica and I can't disagree, there's always something special about handmade things, because you know how much patience, creativity and love are in it!
Kittylitterhawaii creates accessories, from necklaces and earrings to beautiful and colourful keychains, inspired by beaches of Oahu, Hawaii. Brand uses 14k Gold Filled chains, so pieces will withstand better in water and rough climates then the average brass and gold plated. It's perfect for Lithuanian summer, because most of the time there's raining, haha! 
And the best thing about this cute brand is that their created pieces are never alike! "Even though we sometimes make the same design again and again, there will always be something different from the previous piece. Whether it's the gemstones, weaving, feathers or Quartz, even twins have there own unique character". I guess that every girl with Kittylitterhawaii can feel special and unique, because I felt exactly that way!
I received two most beautiful keychains I've ever seen and a cute but elegant drop necklace, which you can see here. It's so easy to match these accessories with everything! I can't stop clipping these keychains to a different handbags. And you know what? I have a discount code for you guys! Use "Aiste10off" and get 10% discount for your order! It's really really worth it!
Aaand about the look! Past few weeks I had an honour to be a makeup model by my dear friend and makeup artist Estera. She's brilliant! I just love how she works. Everytime I leave her workplace I feel like a goddess. The makeup you see in the pictures is also her job. Applause!
Dress: Moda Zaza
Sneakers: Sinsay
Purse: Dressgal

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