Summer Beauty Kit with Avon

by - 6/16/2016

Sixteen days of summer already passed by and I'm still white as a sheet. It seems that summer in Lithuania decided to take a vacation. Yeah, sure, I can wait, no problem. So, while I'm waiting for a good weather, I started to collect items for my summer beauty kit. This time my choices are from Avon. I'm a pretty big fan of this brand, I use so many beauty products from them, so I couldn't imagine my kit without my favorite ones. 
I'll start with this one. It's a cleanser and toner with tea tree & cucumber for an oily skin. Actually, I'm not a big fan of various cleansers because it always makes my skin too dry, but this one is pretty good. It gives a clean sensation after using and it smells really refreshing. Basically that was the reason I included this cleanser in my summer kit. It smells like summer!
This baby is new in Avon Naturals line so I decided to try it and I'm not disappointed. It's a hydrating face spray with cotton & aloe. Actually, I tried it for maybe two or three times just yet but I really liked it. It's a great way to refresh your face on a hot day and it also smells good! Moreover, I like the feeling on my skin after using this spray. It makes my skin so soft...
This one is my favorite for about 3 summers in a row! It's a body spray with golden glitters! It looks amazing on a tanned skin. That's a shame, because no one can't see golden dusts on my white skin, but that's ok, because it smells really good, so I'm using it anyway. Really, I should stop buying things only because they smell good. P.S. I wanted to show you glitters so bad, that I took maybe a thousand pictures of this spray because I shook bottle all the time, just to show how cool it looks!
And the last one. It's Avon Glow lipstick, color Nude Sand. I love lipsticks (and one day I'll show you my secret box of them) but usually I wear them in the fall. I'm crazy about dark red, wine and burgundy colors, but in my opinion, it doesn't match with a summer vibe. So that's why I decided to buy this one and included it in my summer kit. It looks really good on my lips, perfect choice for easy and natural summer look.
So that's the end of my short summer beauty kit choices review. Hope it was useful for you, guys! What's your favorite beauty product on summer? Share with me!

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